Iron Man 3 Loses The Heat But Stays Caged

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There's been an interesting new development in regards to Iron Man 3, as the movie has suddenly changed its working title. Earlier this year, reported that Iron Man 3 was going under the code name (or working title) of Caged Heat. Now, the Iron Man 3 producers have officially dropped the "Heat" and are just using the working title "Caged." Why the sudden change? Just as the reason for the original working title is unknown, the reason for the change has also been kept mysterious. Perhaps, the casting agents just got tired or explaining they weren't recruiting extras for a remake of a seventies women's prison movie. It's interesting that producers kept the "Caged" part instead of just changing the working title entirely, which could mean there is some significance to that part of the title. The obvious possible connection could be the introduction of Luke Cage into the Marvel Studios film universe, but recent plot speculation doesn't have anything to do with Luke Cage. Plus, there have been no rumors of actors tied to a Luke Cage role, which would probably have emerged by this time if Luke Cage was part of Iron Man 3. Still, we can't think of anything else that the "Caged" title could signify.