Iron Man 3 Set Construction Begins Under Code Name Caged Heat

While most of the world's attention is focused on The Avengers, Marvel Studios is quickly making headway with Iron Man 3, which is their next major production. Iron Man 3 is currently in pre-production under the code name "Caged Heat." has reporters on-site in Wilmington, North Carolina where Iron Man 3 is scheduled to film at EUE/Screen Gems Studios. We're hearing reports that set construction has already begun. As far as filming, we're still hearing the target for initial filming will be very early May (with a possibility of late April). However, just because filming has started doesn't mean that Robert Downey, Jr. and Don Cheadle will necessarily be on location. Studios do sometimes initially shoot background footage in the beginning to get a new crew familiar with the equipment before bringing in the major stars. We're not positive why the code name "Caged Heat" was chosen, but it's been in play since before Iron Man 3 was officially announced as filming in Wilmington, North Carolina. While the name "Caged Heat" likely makes most think of the steamy women's prison movie from the seventies, it could also be interpreted by comic book fans as being a reference to Luke Cage. There has been lots of speculation that a Luke Cage movie could be in the cards for Marvel Studios down the road, but we've heard nothing so far to make us think that Luke Cage will have anything to do with Iron Man 3. Even though Iron Man 3 has been officially announced as filming in Wilmington, the code name "Caged Heat" is still being used by various sources in the local Wilmington film industry. Iron Man 3 is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 3, 2013.