Iron Man 3 Spoiler: Where War Machine Was During Avengers

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The Iron Man 3 Prelude comic book was released today, and it contained some interesting info on what War Machine was up to during The Avengers. While Iron Man and the other Avengers were busy fighting the Chitauri in New York City, War Machine actually had his hands full with the Ten Rings terrorist organization in Hong Kong. In the Iron Man 3 Prelude comic book, Rhodey discovers that the Ten Rings are plotting a bioterror attack in Asia. War Machine eventually tracks the Ten Rings down to a biotech research facility in Hong Kong, where he engages in a gun battle. During the middle of the battle, Tony Stark places a call via the Iron Man armor to the War Machine armor. Tony Stark asks, "If it's not too much trouble, d'you think you could hightail it to New York in the next, oh, I don't know…five minutes?" Rhodey replies, "I'm in Asia. Even at supersonic, it'll take me an hour or so. You all right." Tony Stark then tells Rhodey it's all right that he and the gang can handle it, as the panel shows Iron Man fighting the Chitauri.

Iron Man 3 Prelude Chitauri