Iron Man 3: Stephanie Szostak Spoiler

Possible the biggest mystery left in Iron Man 3 is who exactly Stephanie Szostak is playing. Her role is shrouded in mystery, so the expectation is that she's not playing a new character, but someone whose name comic book fans would recognize. Speculation has revolved around Stephanie Szostak playing either Janet van Dyne, Wanda Maximoff, Abigail Brand, Bethany Cabe, or Ellen Brandt. Be warned that spoilers follow that will reveal what role she plays in Iron Man 3. If you look closely at the second Iron Man 3 trailer, Stephanie Szostak appears to be one of the individuals getting hooked up into the metal harnesses in the

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lab. It's believed that the people in the lab are being turned into Extremis soldiers. So apparently, Stephanis Szostak's role in Iron Man 3 will be to become an Extremis soldier, which might explain why she is able to so easily push Tony Stark into the wall in a scene in the first trailer. Even though we know Stephanie Szostak's role will apparently be that of an Extremis soldier, it still leaves open the question of what her name is. Of all the names that have been speculated, her becoming an Extremis soldier would probably match best with Ellen Brandt. Ellen Brandt was involved with a super-soldier serum project, and she was a member of A.I.M. We know A.I.M. plays a role in the Iron Man 3 movie. Ellen Brandt also lived in Florida, and we know Iron Man 3 is set partially in Florida. However, even though this latest info points to Ellen Brandt, we also wouldn't rule out the possibility that she could be playing Bethany Cabe. Upate: Stephanie Szostak's role has now been confirmed, check out our article to find out who she is.

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