Iron Man 3 To Call Back to First Movie

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, it appears as though the third Iron Man film will call back to the first in its series, as Latino Review reports that The Ten Rings, the terrorist group that kidnapped Tony Stark at the start of the first film and later (in the script, never filmed as far as anyone can tell) provided Whiplash with documentation to enter the United States in Iron Man 2, will appear in the third film. This is not particularly surprising, since The Mandarin, the criminal mastermind played by Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3, has ten rings that provide him with his power in the comics and the organization's name is a reference to that, but it's the first official confirmation that the organization would play a role. LR bases the assumption on a baseball cap provided to crew members who worked on the film, which features the "ten rings" logo see in the background of shots at the terrorist encampment in the first film. "I think the way to go about doing a [third movie], if you're ever in that position as I'm lucky enough to be," director Shane Black told the press at Comic-Con in July, "you've got to find a way that the first two aren't done yet." He said that the ideal goal is that by the time viewers finish watching the third movie, it should feel like part of a trilogy organically.