Iron Man 3: What the Heck is Going On Here?


So here's an image from an Imgur blog post that went live a couple of hours ago. Titled, "So They're Filming Iron Man 3 In My Town," it appears to show Tony Stark...well, it's hard to say. Clearly he's saving a number of people, but in what way is not immediately obvious. It's an elaborate rig, though, and there are a handful of people that are all dressed differently so it's unlikely to be something like a time-lapse shot of him actually saving the same person. More likely than not, we'll see some kind of wiring or armor rig in the eventual CG-enhanced shot that explains how he's managed to save all these people with his hands still facing front. is trying to reach out to the owner of the image in order to ascertain his name for credit, and to see if he's got any more context for the shot, but it's certainly one of the better, clearer and more perplexing set photos we've seen yet out of Iron Man 3. Of course, we've all heard rumors of a plane crash being a major set piece in the film--look at the guy who looks like a pilot and the woman who looks like a flight attendant; maybe this is the aftermath of that moment?