Is Bat-Mite In The Dark Knight Rises?

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Over the last week, has been bringing you parts of a talk that Dark Knight Rises executive producer Michael Uslan gave at a Film-Com event at The Great Escape. Uslan is a charismatic speaker, who knows how to keep the audience laughing with his entertaining stories. While Uslan did his best to avoid giving away Dark Knight Rises spoilers, he did address just a couple things. Check out our lengthy recap of some of the accolades that Uslan had for Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan. Also, when pestered to give out some little piece of information on the Dark Knight Rises, Uslan asked the audience, "Do you remember all the Batman comics with Bat-Mite? Do you remember the Super Batman of Planet X? Do you remember Bat-Genie or Batman meets Bat-Ape? Those are not involved in the making of The Dark Knight Rises." Definitely, some good information, as we know many fans had been wondering if Bat-Mite would finally pop up in the Nolan trilogy. Check out the clip and the audience's reaction.