Is Emily Blunt Joining Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?


A new report from a small, Spanish-language news site claims that Edge of Tomorrow star Emily Blunt is in talks to join the cast of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Blunt, who was once in line to play Black Widow for Marvel Studios (filming conflicts led to her dropping out and Marvel signing Scarlett Johansson, who made her first appearance as the character in Iron Man 2), will play an as-yet-unidentified role in Batman V Superman, according to el Multicine. Some of the Batman v Superman casting rumors to make their way to the news and gossip site Latino Review have proven to be true, so it's arguably worth noting that the site picked up the Blunt story. Early in the game, the site had reported on the possibility of Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (in separate pieces and each with other candidates named as well). They didn't commit to anything regarding Blunt, though, saying that they know nothing about the prospect of her involvement with the film. Having proven her action chops in Edge of Tomorrow, out this week, Blunt may find herself fielding offers for superheroic-type characters, but it's difficult to guess just who she could be playing in the upcoming Justice League prequel. One potentially-interesting idea is that she could play Catwoman, since a female role once rumored to be for a girlfriend of Batman/Bruce Wayne's has, to the best of everyone's knowledge, not yet been filled. Blunt has never completely had comics out of her orbit, with roles like Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman and even a part in The Dark Knight Rises being speculated in the media but none (at least so far) coming to pass.