Is Ryan Reynolds The Right Choice For Green Lantern?

With news breaking that Ryan Reynolds will play the title character role in the upcoming Green Lantern movie, reaction by comic book fans has been mixed. There has been a positive outpouring of support in that Reynolds is well-liked in the comic book community, but also some question over if he is right fit for the role of Hal Jordan. has compiled a list of some of the pro and con arguments circulating in relation to the casting of Reynolds as Green Lantern. Con Arguments

Will Green Lantern Become A Comedy?

– While Ryan Reynolds has played some action roles, he is by far best known for his comedic roles. Reynolds' casting has to make comic book fans wonder what the producers might be thinking. Could they be planning to turn Green Lantern into a comedy like Land of the Lost or a jumbled mess like Batman & Robin? No one wants that.

Now Ryan Reynolds Can't Be Flash

– Ryan Reynolds has previously been rumored to be under consideration to play Wally West in a Flash movie. The type of personality that Reynolds has displayed in many of his previous movie roles would have been perfect for the Wally West character. Since a Justice League film is still a possibility, the casting of Reynolds as Green Lantern will likely eliminate any chance that he will ever play Flash.

What Does It Mean For Deadpool

? – General opinion seemed to be that Ryan Reynolds was perfect casting as the "Merc with a Mouth," and anticipation has been high for a Deadpool spin-off movie. Given that Green Lantern features a much more well-known character and will likely have a much higher budget, will Ryan Reynolds still be as committed to a Deadpool movie? Could filming for Green Lantern mean that Deadpool will be delayed?

Ryan Reynolds Is No Hal Jordan

– Ryan Reynolds as a wise-cracking mercenary? Yes! Ryan Reynolds as the straight-laced and serious Hal Jordan? No! Reynolds' casting immediately creates the fear of a Van Wilder version of Hal Jordan. Reynolds is at his best playing characters with at least a little bit of a comedic edge, and Hal Jordan has none. Can he really bring enough seriousness to the role to satisfy loyal Green Lantern comic book fans? Pro Arguments

At Least It Wasn't Justin Timberlake

– When news broke that Justin Timberlake was in the running for the role of Green Lantern, a collective gasp went up in the comic book world over the thought of a former boy band member playing Hal Jordan. Timberlake has actually been making great strides as an actor, so it probably wouldn't have been the train wreck that first comes to mind, but still the thought is kind of scary.

Ryan Reynolds Will Bring In The Ladies

– If you look at the most successful comic book movies like Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Spider-Man, they featured stars that appealed to female viewers. Having a stud like Reynolds play Green Lantern makes being a comic book geek a little bet less geeky. It also greatly increases the chances of being able to meet some members of the female persuasion at the Green Lantern movie.

Ryan Reynolds Means Big Budget0comments

– With The Proposal taking in over a $100 Million, Ryan Reynolds is a rising and bankable star. The fact that Reynolds has been cast means that Green Lantern will most definitely get a huge budget, so fans can expect first class special effects. Reynolds is also likely to give the film broad appeal and increase the box office take, which will mean more comic book movies.

Ryan Reynolds Is A Comic Book Fan

– The fear that Reynolds spells comedy for Green Lantern might be overcome by the fact that Reynolds is a comic book fan. Based on his outspokenness over wanting to stay loyal to the comic books in a Deadpool movie, fans can hopefully expect the same from a Green Lantern movie. Reynolds' casting could actually be a very good thing in regards to insuring that producers stay loyal to the character of Hal Jordan. So what's your opinion on the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern? Bottom line is I've been a fan of Ryan Reynolds' acting in most of his movies. Reynolds does often play a comedic character, who is nothing like the straight-laced Hal Jordan that is usually portrayed in comic books. However, would a straight-laced Hal Jordan be too boring to mainstream movie audiences? Reynolds could bring the movie just the right dash of comedic elements to give the movie a mass appeal, but overall stay loyal to the character and deliver a fast-paced, exciting action movie. Even though I would have rather seen Reynolds as Wally West, I'm going to side with that his casting as Green Lantern is a good thing for the Green Lantern franchise. Agree or disagree?