Is The Joker Hiding in the Background of the Batman vs. Superman Batsuit Photo?


Over the weekend, FOX released their first cast photo from Gotham, loaded with Easter eggs including a hard-to-spot casino billboard featuring a nod to the classic Batman villain The Joker. You had to really look for it, though, and many of our readers couldn't see it until we got a larger photo to show them in the comments thread. Today, the first official look at Batman and the Batmobile from the upcoming Man of Steel sequel being called Batman vs. Superman was released, featuring Ben Affleck's Batman and due to a fluke of lighting, there are a number of fans on Twitter asking whether there's a Joker tease in that, as well.


You can see the image above; it's actually the wheel cover on the rear wheels of the Batmobile and while a close-up like this doesn't look particular Joker-like, the combination of the lighting, the smoke and the shape of the vents creates the illusion from a wider shot like the full photo released today that there is in fact two dark eyes and a large, open mouth on a very white face. You can see the effect fans are spotting at left. Now, this might seem like nothing, but it's one of those things you're bound to see on social media over the new few days. It first occurred to us that it could be seen that way, but we quickly dismissed it after looking at the higher-resolution image until a pair of readers pointed it out to us as well. A quick search on Twitter revealed that it wasn't a particularly uncommon view: