It's Disney's Star Wars Acquisition One Year Anniversary! Will They Finally Tell Us Something?

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It's October 30! Today is the one year anniversary of when Disney shocked the world by announcing that they would be acquiring Lucasfilm and would be making new Star Wars movies. In that year since the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm…well, not much has happened. Sure, Disney revealed that they would be releasing a new Star Wars movie every year, alternating between episodic adventures and standalone stories. Despite denying it initially, J.J. Abrams took the job as director of Star Wars Episode VII. Michael Ardnt was announced as the scriptwriter for Star Wars Episode VII, before being replaced Lawrence Kasdan and J.J. Abrams. It was revealed that John Williams will be returning to score Star Wars Episode VII, and the film will be shot in England. We also know Star Wars Episode VII will be released sometime in 2015, unless it isn't because of the recent writing changes. However, the three biggest questions that fans have had for the last year have remained unanswered. We don't know for sure if the original cast is returning, we don't know what the title will be, and we don't know what the exact release date will be. Exactly four weeks ago, Lucasfilm started re-releasing the previous trailers for the first three Star Wars movies, exactly a week apart. When noticed the pattern, we speculated that Disney was building to a big announcement on October 30, which would coincide with the anniversary of the acquisition. So will Disney finally tell us something today? The recent announcement of the writing change sort of suggests that Lucasfilm might not be far enough along to really announce anything. However, the whole thing with the trailers sure seemed to be more than just a coincidence, and the anniversary acquisition date would be a great time to announce something. If Disney doesn't announce anything today, then it's likely fans might be in a long wait before they actually get any of the Star Wars answers they are waiting on.