Jessica Biel to be Madame Hydra? Casting News for The Wolverine


The casting and character details are continuing to shape up for the James Mangold-directed sequel The Wolverine.  With the recent news about adding villain Silver Samurai to the story, more casting news came today, which is sure to generate discussion amongst comic book enthusiasts.  Jessica Biel, known for her films such as Blade:Trinity and the upcoming Total Recall, has been cast in the role of Viper, a well-known Marvel villainess who eventually becomes one of the more powerful characters in Marvel, Madame Hydra.  For many, they already know that Viper and Wolverine were once romantically linked in the Marvel comics, so how will this all play out on screen?  The casting of Biel will be an interesting bit of news for some, with some liking it and others probably not so much.  With the film scheduled to come out in just over a year from today, debate can now officially begin on the worthiness of Biel to inhabit a character with so much power and influence over the Marvel baddies.  I wouldn't get my hopes up though if I were you about seeing an extensive Hydra vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. storyline developing in this film, as, well, you know about mixing film properties and production companies. Let the discussion commence!