Jessica Jones Reportedly Averaged 4.8 Million Viewers Per Episode


Typically, standard ratings don't come out from Netflix. Most often we'll hear a show is the most watched series on the streaming network or something along those lines. However, a new report suggests that the estimated numbers for Marvel's Jessica Jones have been revealed.

In a press conference with NBCUniversal's head of research, numbers for several online shows were spoken of, but Jessica Jones stood atop the others. An average of 4.8 million viewers in the key 18-49 demographic tuned in to each episode of the Marvel Studios production. Surely, she'll drink to that.

In comparison to other comic book television properties, DC's Arrow and Flash average in the two to three million viewers range, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. typically hauls in an excess of four million total viewers while about half are in the key demo. Gotham typically rakes a grand audience of over four million, as well, while The Walking Dead tops all with an average total audience of around 16 million.

Jessica Jones' online competition couldn't compete. Aziz Ansari's Master of None pulled in 3.9 million key viewers and Narcos nabbed 3.2 million. Off of Netflix, Amazon's highest rated series Man in the High Castle garnered 2.1 million key viewers.

Jessica Jones and Marvel's other Netflix series Daredevil are available now on Netflix.


source: Variety