Jimmy Fallon Convinces Harrison Ford To Do A Greedo Shot First


"Greedo shot first." Three words Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, uttered to Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford.

However, it was under a bit of different circumstances you might presume. A giddy Fallon whipped out a drink called the "Millenium Fallon," which a buddy of his crafted for the talk show host. Ford wasn't impressed with the "Lightsabers," Fallon tried to present in the form of lit up colored ice cubes in glasses of water.

Before they would drink those, Fallon insisted the two take a "Greedo shot, first."

The Greedo shot consists of Cognac Cream Demuth with ice. The two downed the shot together but never drank the Millenium Fallon.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18, 2015.