Jimmy Kimmel Outraged Iron Man 3 Premiered Overseas First

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When Jon Favreau appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel aired a grievance about Iron Man 3. An outraged Jimmy Kimmel asked, "Why has it premiered in Europe instead of America where Iron Man is from? Iron Man was created here." As the audience and even Jon Favreau started applauding Jimmy Kimmel told Favreau, "You're not allowed to clap." When Favreau insisted he could clap, Jimmy Kimmel said, "No, because you're the one that turned it over to the foreigners." Jimmy Kimmel continued, "Do they know Iron Man's not on their side over there? He's our Iron Man." Jon Favreau interrupted, "Well, they have different versions." Jimmy Kimmel responded, "They do, I see. Well, that's interesting, different flags flying over Iron Man headquarters." Jon Favreau added, "I wish I were joking." Before showing a clip, Jimmy Kimmel took another dig at the early foreign release. Jimmy Kimmel said, "We're going to see a clip from Iron Man, because we're here in the United States, we haven't seen it."