John Boyega and William Shatner Enter Star Wars Vs. Star Trek Twitter Feud


Star Wars and Star Trek feuds are a tale as old as... well, as old as around 1977. It's a funny, ridiculous feud at its core - despite the two titles being "Star ____" they really don't have much in common at all. One is a fantasy franchise with science fiction trappings about the mythical struggle between good and evil, centered around conflict. The other is a science fiction tale of exploration and how the human condition can be expanded and expounded upon by fantastic, other-worldly situations and peoples.

But especially now, in the age of the internet where it's inconceivable for some people that fans might like both Superman and Spider-Man, the Wars/Trek feud is fueled all the time - sometimes by actors themselves. It seems the hopes that JJ Abrams would be the great unifier, having now directed films in both franchises, were premature.

When Yahoo fanned the flames, telling John Boyega (Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) about William Shatner's regular ribbing of the Star Wars franchise including ripping on BB-8, Boyega had a simple response, directed at Shatner.

"Here's what you need to do. Take a seat. Have a nice tea. And keep your mouth closed," Boyega stated with a laugh. Is there still a rivalry, then? "Yes, there is, Star Trek fans."

Shatner shared a link to the story on twitter (again, after Yahoo fanned flames by tagging both actors in their post of it), and replied.

"I wear the Star Wars Troll mantle with honor! Was @JohnBoyega trying to tell us HE is the most annoying character?" Shatner wrote.

So, is this the next great twitter war? Well, no, probably not. It's a fun moment between two people who clearly love their franchises with a firey passion, though.