Jon Hamm Says He's Rejected Multiple Superhero Roles


Mad Men actor Jon Hamm revealed that he has in fact been offered many pairs of superhero tights over the years.

Speaking with The Radio Times (via The Hollywood Reporter) Hamm confirmed that he has "been in contention" for multiple comic book movies. Hamm didn't reveal the characters he could have played, but he has been in casting discussions for recent big screen superheroes like Doctor Strange, Batman, and Superman.

However, Hamm said that it was he who backed away from the movie deals. The primary reason, he revealed, was not wanting to lock himself into the multiple-film contracts that most actors must agree to when taking on superhero roles.

"For me to sign on now to do a superhero movie would mean I would be working until I am fifty as that particular superhero," Hamm told the station. "It's a lot of work at one thing which is not necessarily the reason I got into the business which is to do many things. If you want to spend all day pressing the same key that… seems an odd choice."

Hamm doesn't have any regrets, saying that he thought he made "the right choice" by not appearing in any superhero films. But the flip-side of that choice, Hamm elaborated, is that he feels irrelevant in Hollywood for not having at least one superhero tentpole under his belt.


"It doesn't compute to the generation that most of Hollywood cares about, If your last name's not Hemsworth or you are not in One Direction or you don't wear a cape and tights for a living, you literally have a hard time making an impression," Hamm said.

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