Jurassic World Casting: Iron Man 3's Ty Simpkins Lands Role

0commentsTy Simpkins in Iron Man 3

It looks like Iron Man's little buddy Harley won't be joining him for the big robotics throwdown in Avengers: Age of Ultron. That's because Ty Simpkins, who played the character in Iron Man 3, is headed to Jurassic World in 2015 instead of taking the trip to New York with Tony Stark and company, Deadline reports. The in-demand young actor, who has a three-picture deal with Marvel, had told ComicBook.com that he hoped to one day join the Nova Corps "Well, I actually never thought about that but we did read an article. Have you ever heard about the comic book Nova?" Simpkins asked. "We read an article about how Harley might be my middle name, and Keener could be my mom's maiden name, and my dad could have joined the Nova Corps. Then my real name's Richie and I actually figure it out because my mom gets killed by an alien, then I figure out that my dad joined the Nova Corps, and I join the Nova Corps and I become Nova." Deadline reports that the boy best known for his time in Tennessee with Robert Downey, Jr. will be one of the film's leads--presumably suggesting that, like the first Jurassic Park film, the newest one will star a blend of kids and adults and be a bit lighter in tone. Simpkins made his feature debut in the Spielberg-directed War Of The Worlds, opposite Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning, which was directed by Jurassic producer Steven Spielberg; he's also been featured in both Insidious movies.