Kevin Smith Defends Clerks 3 As A Book, Denies Being Lazy

On Saturday, noticed and was the first site to report on an interesting statement [...]

Kevin Smith Clerks 3 Book

On Saturday, noticed and was the first site to report on an interesting statement made by Kevin Smith during his Friday night appearance on What's Trending.  Kevin Smith talked about doing Clerks 3 as a book first instead of or perhaps in addition to as a movie. Now, that the Clerks 3 book idea is starting to spread around the Internet like wildfire, a lot of fans are weighing in on Twitter with their opinions. It seems that some fans are quite upset over the possibility of Clerks 3 being a book instead of a movie, which has led to Kevin Smith defending his position on Twitter. Earlier today, Kevin Smith tweeted, "Many folks offering their 2 cents on what I should do with CLERKS III. Gonna follow the recipe for success that got me here: ignore 'em all." Besides just offering advice on what he should do with Clerks 3, it also appears that some fans are calling Kevin Smith lazy and telling him to shut up about the book and just do a movie. In particular Kevin Smith seems to have taken offense at the insinuation of being lazy. In response to a tweet calling him lazy, Kevin Smith responded, "You're kidding, right?" Then, he followed it up with, "Lazy? Why - because I'm not making a movie? @ComicBookMenAMC, , GROOVY MOVIE Tour, Fox ShortCom, #SIT - Oh, such laze!" and ""You can accuse me of lots of sh*t...but lazy? If anything, I got TOO many f***ing plates spinning. But I got a year 'til CLERKS anniversary." In addition to disputing the lazy charge, Kevin Smith has also offered some additional insight into why he's thinking the book route. One issue being that not all the actors have agreed to do a Clerks 3 movie. Kevin Smith tweeted, "I can't make CLERKS III without all the players. Jeff's not sure he wants to do it. So if I can't do it as a flick, I'll write it as a book." Smith also added, "All these 'Just shut up and make CLERKS III as a movie!'-folks don't seem to get it: Why would I follow a path when I can blaze a new trail." Of course, a movie might not be totally out, as Kevin Smith responded to one tweet suggesting that he use money from the book to fund a movie with "here's someone who's thinking."