Kevin Smith Jokes He Was Responsible For All The Positive Ben Affleck As Batman Tweets

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On Sunday night, the Comic Book Men Season 3 Premiere aired on AMC at Midnight ET. posted a full recap of "The Incredible Bulk" episode, but one scene in particular seems to be generating the most buzz online. During the episode, Kevin Smith once again weighed in with his thoughts on his friend Ben Affleck being cast as Batman.  "The moment they announced Ben Affleck as Batman, my face had a Joker-like, rictus grin," said Smith. "Oh my god, I know Batman. I put Batman in movies. He's played a villain in movies for me. If this was happening in the mid-nineties, when I was as thick as thieves with Affleck, I would be the Penguin. I could get Mewes cast as The Riddler, Jay as The Riddler." Of course, Smith has made the Penguin claim before, but he also put some math to the online reaction to Affleck's casting. Smith joked, "It was so strange to watch the Internet blow up. I read an article where they said in the first hour on Twitter 71% of the tweets about Ben were negative and 16% were neutral and the rest of the percent were me going, 'This is awesome! This is going to rock!'"