Kevin Smith On Why Batman Vs. Superman Is Right Title For Man Of Steel Sequel

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Back in July, was the first to report on Man Of Steel writer David S. Goyer revealing at Comic-Con that the Man Of Steel sequel would either be called Batman Vs. Superman or Superman Vs. Batman. We were also first to report that Warner Bros. had secured the domain names for both of those titles. The idea of the Man Of Steel sequel being called either of those two titles set off a big debate among comic book fans. Some fans loved the title because it indicated that Batman and Superman would be fighting, while other fans said they would rather see a title like World's Finest or Public Enemies. The title of Batman Vs. Superman also generated some criticism for just being a sensationalistic title like Alien Vs. Predator or Freddy Vs. Jason. In a radio interview with KROQ, fanboy and director Kevin Smith explained why he is all for the Batman Vs. Superman title. "Batman Vs. Superman, you put that in the title, versus those two characters, everybody's going, 'My mother will go,' said Smith. "She's like, 'I didn't know. I thought they were friends. I wantt to put money down to watch them fight.'" After pointing out that anyone could play Batman and the film would be successful, Smith explained, "They just want to see those two characters fight, man. That's it. That's what's going to capture everybody's imagination." As far as who will win the fight, Smith said, "The beauty of Batman is we aspire to be a Batman, because Superman you can't aspire to. We can never be an alien from some other world with god-like powers, but Batman we can all be in some small way. The idea of I'm just a guy putting on a suit trying to do the right thing, and then if you take that guy and pair him up with a god, you have a battle of a man versus a god. And somehow that man is going to hold his own. We all know that he cannot beat Superman physically, because none of this stuff is real. But if you buy into it, and realize they can't beat each other, you respect the fact that Batman is going to have to beat Superman by his wits. He's going to have to be as smart as possible to defeat the undefeatable foe so that means probably developing some form of Kryptonite or something like that. So that's what would draw people into the web of intrigue of a Batman Vs. Superman." While Batman Vs. Superman might be just a sensationalistic title to some fans, Smith raises some very good points as to why it would be the most successful title for Warner Bros. to use. World's Finest and Public Enemies might resonate with comic book fans, but Batman Vs. Superman is a title that can sell the film to the general public.