Kevin Smith Shares Budget Breakdown For Clerks


The story of Clerks's production is well-known: Kevin Smith maxed out his credit cards and sold his comic book collection to make a movie about working in a convenience store, while also working in the convenience store seen in the film.

The exact breakdown of costs for the $25,000 production -- which Smith reminds people would have been much less in the age of digital photography -- was just unearthed, though, and Smith shared it with his fans on Facebook.

"22 years ago, I sent this incomplete budget along with a copy of Clerks to Miramax in hopes they'd buy my flick," Smith wrote. "(The missing negative cut figure was over a thousand bucks, putting us at the eventual figure: $27,575.) Also included: my first, self-penned biography."

You can check it out below.

22 years ago, I sent this incomplete budget along with a copy of #Clerks to @miramax in hopes they'd buy my flick. (The...

Posted by Kevin Smith on Sunday, December 27, 2015

In Kevin Smith's cult classic Clerks, a pair of slackers spend a (very bad) day in the life of two convenience store clerks, including rooftop hockey games, a funeral and more. The film, which won acclaim and a massive return on its initial investment in 1994, launched an interconnected universe of films by Smith.