Kevin Smith's Advice For Ben Affleck On Playing Batman

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Ever since Ben Affleck was cast as Batman in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, there has been no one that has weighed in more on the casting than Affleck's longtime friend Kevin Smith. While Smith joked about being responsible for all the positive tweets about Affleck during the Comic Book Men premiere, AMC also asked Smith to weigh in on what advice he would give to Affleck in regards to playing Batman. "In terms of giving advice to play Batman, you put on that rubber mask, you don't really do a lot of talking, and when you do, people usually bitch because they're like, 'I hate that voice!' — and everyone does the voice! Everyone drops down and [lowers his voice] talks like this," said Smith. "So my only piece of advice would be to stay away from that voice. Don't try to do that Batman voice yourself. I would insist that they work something into the script where, in the cowl, there's a voice modulator that lays against his voice box and when you hear him speak, it's this other worldly, sound-mixed, creepy tone that you could fill a room with. When you're just a guy going, [low voice] 'I'm gonna beat you,' you sound ridiculous. But if you're a guy whose voice is being treated in after-effects and audio, and it has this strange resonance that doesn't sound like Ben Affleck and sounds more like a Cylon, that would be a little more terrifying if I was a criminal — and answers the question about the stupid Batman voice. So if I was him, my advice would be to push for a voice modulator." Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015. Comic Book Men airs on Sunday nights at Midnight ET on AMC.