Kick-Ass 2 After The Credits Scene Spoiler

If you haven’t seen Kick-Ass 2 yet, then be warned that spoilers follow. Kick-Ass 2 isn’t a [...]

Kick-Ass 2 After The Credits Scene

If you haven't seen Kick-Ass 2 yet, then be warned that spoilers follow. Kick-Ass 2 isn't a Marvel Studios film, so a lot of people seem to be walking out of the theater without sticking around through the credits. There is a post-credits scene in Kick-Ass 2, and it definitely reveals a major piece of information, which could play a role in future Kick-Ass movies. This article is intended for people who have seen the after the credits scene and want to discuss or who walked out early. During Kick-Ass 2, Christopher Mintz-Plasse's character Chris D'Amico (also known as The Mother F%&*^r ) falls into a shark tank and appears to get eaten. In the after the credits scene, Chris D'Amico is shown in a hospital bed. He's all bruised and bandaged with missing limbs. A glass of water with a straw is next to him, but he's unable to get to it himself. He's screaming about how a shark bit his **** off, and he's not even able to even get a drink of water. The after the credits scene was actually something that was specifically added to keep it open for the possibility of Chris' return in Kick-Ass 3. In regards to the post-credits scene, writer/director Jeff Wadlow said in an interview with IGN, "What happened was I was writing the script as Mark [Millar] was finishing the Kick-Ass 2 comics, and he sent me the outline for the last issue, and I saw that Chris died, and I went nuts. Just as fan, I was like you can't do that if you're even thinking about a third one, you cannot kill him." Wadlow added, "He's like, 'He does these terrible things. He's got to pay a price.' And I was like, 'Mark, you can make him suffer. In fact, you should make him suffer, but you need him in the third one, because I believe and I think most of the fans would agree that Chris D'Amico is the third point of the Kick-Ass franchise's triangle, and without him, I don't think it really works. You need him there, so punish him, make him pay, you should take his **** off or something, but keep him around.'"