Kick-Ass 2: Mother Russia's Home Videos

The intrepid photographer who shared a set of shots with us earlier tonight has returned with another e-mail, and this time there's video of the Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall production, along with a description of what our reader saw.

"Mother Russia was being filmed ripping the door out of one police car and using it as a shield from police fire.  She is then seen running to the police officer who was firing at her and squashing him against the hood of the car.  Then she 'pretends' to throw something at another cop (possibly supposed to be the same door to be put back in via CGI perhaps). They also filmed the same scene but without the door with Mother Russia stabbing the cop instead of flinging the door at him (she has a pouch against one of her thighs where she keeps a long dagger). "I tried to shoot video but was asked to stop immediately with inquiries if I live in the area (which I do). "They were shooting quite a few scenes inside of two houses as well.  Started filming both days at about 7:00 AM and end at 7:00 PM.  Tomorrow is the last day."

The videos have about five or ten seconds of candid video each, with a lot of time spent trying to prevent security from seeing it, so be patient. You can see, though, that as he's talking with security, they're setting up the shot he describes where Mother Russia appears to be defending herself from gunfire with the car door.