Legion Prequel Announced by IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing has followed up the excitement from the special showing of footage from the January 2010 film Legion at this year's Comic-Con by announcing plans to publish a prequel to the film. Legion: Prophets will run for four issues and will help to set up the events of the film, which will focus on the events surrounding God's perspective on humanity and a brewing apocalypse. The series will premier in November of 2009, and excitement over the prospect of this four issue series is high. "The premise of the film is great, and a little scary," said IDW Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall. "Who hasn't looked around at what's going on in the world and thought that the Apocalypse really might be coming soon? Legion: Prophets gives a glimpse of what that might be like." The director of the film, Scott Stewart and Tom Waltz, known for his work on Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward will be responsible for writing the series, and a diverse cast of writers will be used to help reflect the diversity of characters that will be featured in the series. Details of the prequel suggest that the series will focus on four people from different parts of the world who become the only hope for helping to prevent destruction on earth. The film has some solid star power too, with Tyrese Gibson, Dennis Quaid and Charles S. Dutton among the cast members!