Loot Crate Announces Star Wars, Call of Duty, and Doctor Who Limited Edition Crates

(Photo: Loot Crate, items shown from previous subscription boxes)

Loot Crate has been expanding lately, and this Holiday season has two new services, plus three special edition crates, they announced Wednesday.

The first limited edition crate features all Doctor Who products. It goes on sale Friday, November 20 for $50, and has only a limited number available.

The second is Call of Duty, running at $100 and going on sale Monday November 23. The crate is timed and themed with the release earlier this month of Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Finally, the Star Wars limited edition crate, also running $100, goes on sale "Cyber Monday" - November 30, and will ship in December in time for your Star Wars furvor to be at its peak.

Previous regular subscription boxes have included items like the exclusive Star Wars #1 variant comic book or the exclusive vinyl figures pictured above, but they haven't revealed any of the specific items in these boxes just yet.

The three limited edition crates come off the success of similar themed boxes featuring Mass Effect and Fallout earlier this year. Loot Crate tells ComicBook.com that such themes and limited boxes will continue to be a priority, timed mostly to major releases. They also hinted to us that they'll continue to look at other popular properties, even ones that aren't necessarily timed to a specific release.

Loot Crate is also launching two new monthly subscription boxes in November and December, expanding their lines to more focused subscriptions. Loot Anime is on sale now at LootCrate.com/Anime for a December shipping. The box will include figures, collectibles, manga, apparel, and Loot Crate told us they're also working with Anime distributors for digital and perhaps physical pack-ins.


Loot Pets launches in December with geek products, toys, treats, and accessories for your favorite nerdy dogs. That means you, Harry Pawter, and you too, Loki.

This is of course all in addition to the regular Loot Crate subscription, which can also be purchased as a gift for the holidays.