Lynda Carter Weighs In On Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman In Batman Vs. Superman


When Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, reporters were quick to track down all the actors who had played Batman in the past to get their opinions on Affleck's casting. So it should come as no surprise that Lynda Carter, who played the starring role in the seventies Wonder Woman TV series, was asked her opinion on the recent casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. In an interview with Metro, Carter was asked if it will be odd seeing someone else in the Wonder Woman role. Carter replied, "I don't think so. It was a long time ago. I care more about the character continuing than holding on to my piece of it. I hope she has fun with it." In regards to if she felt Wonder Woman was being slighted by being added to Batman Vs. Superman rather than getting her own movie first, Carter replied, "And maybe that's better. She won't have to carry the whole film. It takes the pressure off. I wish her well. I'm just glad she's going to be out there again. Maybe she'll get her own show again." Of course if Wonder Woman does get her own show again or her own standalone movie, then it's going to mean that Lynda Carter will face even more questions about the character from reporters, but it appears as if she doesn't mind. "I realised a long time ago that people like to talk about it and I embrace the character – I always have," said Carter. "It's a long time ago but when people come up to talk to me about it, it's a way of connecting with them. It's like going to see a concert and seeing someone play their greatest hits – if they didn't play their greatest hits, it would be the same as if I never talked about her. She's a great character." Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.