Major Iron Man 2 Plotline Leaked

In a recent interview with NPR, Iron Man 2's production designer, J. Michael Riva, let slip a plot detail that hints Tony Stark's alcoholism may play a major role in the film. In an attempt to seem more in tune with the fanboys of America, NPR's Susan Stamberg may have let a huge cat out of the bag.

Speaking with Riva as part of an ongoing series on the upcoming Oscars, Stamberg revealed that eight weeks before filming Iron Man 2, Riva was given a list of sets and plot points to design. First item on the list is to design a toilet which matches set d cor and more importantly, for Tony Stark, while in Iron Man armor, to puke in.

" I design a toilet, my big job for the day," says Riva with a hint of sarcasm. "After I'm done with that I can go home and see the kids. 'What did you do today?' I designed a toilet! 'That's great, dad.'" It may seem like a small job to Riva, designing a commode. But the fact that Stark will be wearing his Iron Man armor while vomiting is a huge indication that Stark's alcoholism may be a factor in the big budget sequel.


Just how big a part Tony's demons will play has been a plot point that Director Jon Favreau has been trying to keep secret for months. Riva never actually says anything in regards to calling Iron Man an alcoholic. In fact, the only person who says Stark will puke while dressed as Iron Man is the interviewer Stamberg. But, Riva must have shown or told his plot points to the reporter. How else could she know that Tony will be wearing his gear while tossing his cookies?