Man Of Steel: Amy Adams Would Be Happy To Return For Sequel

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While Iron Man 3 spoilers seem to be leaking out every other day, Warner Bros. has kept Man of Steel tightly under wraps. Some Man of Steel spoilers have leaked concerning the villains in the movie, but for most part the cast and crew have been rather tight-lipped. Perhaps, it's because Christopher Nolan is a producer on the movie, and he has a reputation as being one of the most secretive producers/directors in the movie business. In an interview with Digital Spy, Amy Adams talked about her thoughts on the Man of Steel, while being careful to avoid spoilers. When asked if she brought any of the character Peggy that she played in The Master to her role as Lois Lane in Man of Steel, Amy Adams indicated that they were very different roles. Adams said, "Tt was very nice to go into Man of Steel and something that was really energetic and outgoing. Suddenly I'm hanging on a wire in the middle of Chicago. It was a totally different experience and very fun." Digital Spy tried to get Amy Adams to open up about exactly at what stage Lois Lane would appear in the Man of Steel, but Adams was having none of that. Adams said, "You know what, I can tell you what the script was. I haven't seen the film, I've only seen what everyone else has. I have no idea how it'll all be presented. It's all top secret!" While she wouldn't spill the beans about her character, Adams did give her review on the first Man of Steel trailer. Adams said, "I loved it, I absolutely loved it! It made me excited to see the film and I'm in it. Hopefully it's gotten Superman fans excited, too." Of course the big question that everyone has been asking is if Man of Steel will have a sequel. Just like Zack Snyder when he was asked the question, Amy Adams played it very cautious. She expressed her optimism and enthusiasm if asked, but she was careful to warn it was too early to talk sequel. Adams said, "I would be more than happy to jump onto a sequel but you've got to, what's the saying, don't put the cart before the horse? Don't count your chickens before they hatch. I always take things one day at a time."