Man Of Steel Breaks Opening Day Box Office Record In The Philippines

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There's a lot of debate over how Man Of Steel will do at the United States box office. Most seem to be in agreement that the film will do over $100 million in its opening weekend, but the big question is if it will come close to or actually break any opening day or opening weekend records. If the Philippines are any indication, then Man of Steel should definitely be in for a good opening day box office. Man Of Steel opened in the Philippines on Wednesday to coordinate with their Independence Day. Man Of Steel had the biggest opening day in the Philippines in history bringing in P69.52-million (which translates into around $1.6 million U.S. dollars). It was enough to beat the previous opening day record of P62.9-million, which was held by Iron Man 3. In fact, Man Of Steel so dominated the box office on the Philippines holiday, it took in a 94% share of the total box office for the nation. Needless to say it was by far Warner Bros. biggest opening day box office ever in the Philippines. The Man Of Steel opens in the United States today with Walmart's early screening premiere at 7 PM. A number of theaters will also be holding midnight screenings. However, the official opening day in the United States will be classified as Friday, June 14, 2013.