Man of Steel Comic-Con Poster Hits the Web


Warner Brothers has made a high-resolution version of the Comic-Con poster for Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel available to fans on the Internet. Featuring only the second official image of star Henry Cavill in the iconic blue and red suit, Man of Steel tells a grittier story of Superman that's more in line with the popular Batman films by Christopher Nolan, who executive-produced the film. It's also the first very close look we get at the costume, which appears to be made of the same kind of textured material that Andrew Garfield wore in the just-released Amazing Spider-Man. That costume--and this one--have come under fire for some fans, who can't understand the desire to add what seems like unnecessary detail to the suit. The image itself seems modeled after Alex Ross's cover to the Kingdom Come hardcover from years ago, giving very little in terms of a look at Cavill's face and telling us virtually nothing about how his Superman will appear on film.