Man Of Steel Director Asked About Sequel

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Man of Steel director Zack Snyder seems to be playing it smart. Even though the Man of Steel won't be released until this summer, the press is already asking the director about potential sequels. When EOnline asked about a follow-up, Synder said, "We like to take it one step at a time and not curse anything. It's that kind of thing so we'll see what happens." Considering there was a lot of Green Lantern sequel talk, before the first film underperformed at the box office, Snyder is wise to avoid the potential for curses. Of course, everyone knows that there will eventually be another Superman movie after the Man of Steel. However, whether it's a sequel or yet another reboot will depend on how well the Man of Steel does at the box office. Zack Snyder also seems to be following the Christopher Nolan school of thought when it comes to talking about the Man of Steel (which is no surprise since Nolan is a producer on the film). Snyder is keeping things quiet. EOnline quotes Synder as saying, "It's super hard to keep it a secret." Snyder did however sing the praises of how good Henry Cavill looks in the Superman suit.