Man of Steel: Jenny Olsen Rumors Get a "No Comment" From Warners


Warner Bros. have reportedly refused to comment on rumors that actress Rebecca Buller has been cast in Man of Steel as "Jenny Olsen," a gender-swapped version of Superman's pal Jimmy. The rumors began when Comic Book Movie found s citation for the part on Man of Steel's IMDb page. and a number of other outlets picked up on the report, which has spread widely across the Internet. Comic Book Resources reached Warners for a response, and reps for the studio had no comment. As of now, the IMDb page remains unchanged, though, which suggests that the reports are either correct (which, let's be honest, is usually what a "no comment" means anyway) or at least that the studio is enjoying the extra attention being focused on the film from the speculation. IMDb pages were, once upon a time, a pretty clear indicator of what was going on in a pre-production film. Nowadays, though, as users add information to the pages based on rumors or unconfirmed news reports, there's some extent to which it's become an echo chamber, simply confirming what's already out there. During production on Marvel's The Avengers, for example, Cobie Smulders was listed as playing both Maria Hill and a Skrull princess. That rumor, and other similar ones, were promptly taken down. The fact that the Jenny Olsen credit is still on IMDb is far from a guarantee of validity, though; following the Cobie Smulders rumors, the removal of the Skrull character was seen by some fans not as an error correction but as the studio looking to protect a secret. Warners could be waiting for the story to die down a bit before removing the credit from the popular movie site.