Man of Steel Pirates Arrested in Manila

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Five people were arrested at various movie theaters in Manila in the Philippines in June, accused of bootlegging copies of the new Superman reboot Man of Steel. ABC-CBN News reported that the five more than double the previous total of four people arrested in 2013 for bootlegging movies in the country. These don't, unless they were conspiring together, appear to be people who were bootlegging the entire film. According to the report, the contents of the suspects' recording devices were confiscated and turned out to range from still photos to video that ranged 7 minutes to 23 minutes in length. "We are sending a message loud and clear that theater operators across the country will not tolerate this crime in our facilities. We have employed strict measures to prevent camcording of films both local and international," Attorney Rolly Duenas of the National Cinema Association of the Philippines said.