Man of Steel QR Code Reveals New Look at Superman's Costume


Well, it's very cartoony and not actually hanging on an actor--but if you scan the QR barcode on the image at left, you get what's undoubtedly the clearest official image yet of the full Superman costume as it will appear in Man of Steel. You've got to use the BrowsAR augmented reality app on your iOS or Android device, and it takes quite a while to load up, but when it does you get a look at Superman, with no trunks and a belt that only covers part of his waist, hovering in front of the barcode. All else is more or less as you'd expect--red boots, red cape, no serious changes to the "S" emblem on his chest and (as a happy compromise that's likely to please no one) he has neither the red tights of the pre-New 52 Superman nor the collar of the newer iteration, opting instead for the classic acrobat collar. That's a bit surprising, actually, the collar bit. Toys have already started depicting Superman and Batman with a more New 52-friendly look, including action figures you can find at Wal-Mart and Target that feature the collar and chunky boots. That the movie opts out of those features probably says a lot about timetables, and which one was closer to being developed first.