Man of Steel Site Counting Down Again

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A viral website connected to Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures' Man of Steel is counting down to...something. The countdown will end tomorrow (June 6) at noon EST. In the past, these countdowns have led to a new trailer or teaser for the Zack Snyder-directed Superman reboot; with only a week between tomorrow and when the first commercial screenings of the film begin to take place next Thursday, there might be something else rather than a last trailer--perhaps a message for fans going to early IMAX screenings. It's also the Nokia subdomain of the Man of Steel site, so don't be totally surprised if it's a contest or a new product rollout from Nokia. The website also features the image above--Kryptonian writing which appears to feature the symbol for "hope," (Superman's logo), but the rest we can't discern yet. We're working on getting a translation and will update if we do.