Man of Steel Spoilers Appear in "Leaked" Concept Art


An account of what is purported to be concept art from Zack Snyder's forthcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel that was shown at a Warner Brothers trade show appeared on the Internet within the past few hours and it's already starting to make the rounds, complete with plot details. Apparently originating from a user on the Superhero Hype message boards, there's no actual images to accompany his account, only a description of what he claims to have seen, but it's being treated as a fairly credible claim. Among the details he's provided, as reported by Cosmic Book News: [Description removed at the request of Warner Brothers] Some of these accounts sync up with Superman stories told in the world of the New 52, where Jor-El seems to be more of a warrior, who carries high-tech weaponry in flashback sequences in Action Comics. Some--like renaming the Phantom Zone to be The Black Zone seem more arbitrary. Cosmic Book News also points out that the Arctic landing may either jive with or contradict the already-revealed stories of Superman heading to an Alaskan village, while the weaponry was already confirmed in previously-leaked production documents. Look for more details coming soon, as the movie will hit theaters on June 14.