Man of Steel Star Henry Cavill Wants to Fight Doomsday

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In a new video interview with the cast of Man of Steel, Total Film asks the film's stars, and director Zack Snyder, whether they would like to see Superman battle Doomsday in an adaptation of the best-selling Death of Superman arc, one of the stories that Henry Cavill has admitted was among those that most informed his portrayal of Superman. And while Snyder was a bit less commital and co-star Amy Adams had some fun with the question, Cavill got a bit excited, admitting that he hopes Doomsday is coming. "If Doomsday happens, which I really hope he does," Cavill told the magazine with a grin, "yeah, I think that would be awesome." Doomsday has been cited as an example of a story in the comics where nearly as much destruction is wrought upon Metropolis as happened in the massive final battle in Man of Steel, so in terms of action and tone, it might be a natural continuation. Still, it seems unlikely as a story for the second film since building Superman up just to kill him doesn't make a lot of sense--and even if he were to return, it would seem like an awful fast build-up to the tale. Plus, you've got to consider the story ramifications of the Man of Steel franchise on any potential Justice League film. The most likely scenario is probably that they would take a Dark Knight Trilogy-style approach to the three acts, with the second film revolving around a well-known and expected threat like Lex Luthor or Brainiac and then a third film that sees Superman overcoming death after a battle with Doomsday seemingly kills him. "Let's just say that in the Superman universe there are lots of great villains and heroes," Snyder said in the video, embedded below. "The DC Universe is rich and I hope that's something you get a sense for in the movie with my little Easter eggs of LexCorp or whatever, that at least you can tell that the DC Universe is a thing that I feel like exists within this movie. When you watch Chris's movies which are amazing, whether or not the rest of the DCU exists--probably if anything you would think the opposite....I really wanted to say in the subtlest way that, no, it's okay for the DC Universe to exist within this film." Amy Adams, for her part, says that she'd like Bizarro--for the visual of two Henry Cavills. "You just had to go there, Amy, didn't you?" She asks herself after the fact.