Man of Steel Teaser Trailers Online

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This weekend's teaser trailers for Man of Steel have finally made their way online in what appears to be an official form, giving fans who didn't make it out to The Dark Knight Rises this weekend their first look at Zask Snyder's Superman reboot. Each of the two trailers features the same minute-and-a-half of footage, but are accompanied by a different voiceover--one by Kevin Costner's Jonathan Kent, telling Clark that he has to decide what kind of man he's going to be, and one by Russell Crowe's Jor-El, telling Kal-El that he's destined to inspire and lead humanity into the next phase of their development. With a remarkable score, the trailers show Superman on a fishing boat, bearded and looking a little lost, before he looks at a picture of Jonathan Kent and begins to daydream about his fathers' advice. Man of Steel is directed by Snyder but being produced and overseen by Christopher Nolan, the director of the Dark Knight Trilogy. It will be in theaters in June 2013.