Man Of Steel Trailer Review: It’s A Masterpiece

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Today, Warner Bros. released the second trailer for the Man of Steel. While one should always be cautious judging a film based on the trailer, the Man of Steel trailer is a freaking masterpiece. It fires on all cylinders. The cinematography is breathtaking, the soundtrack is phenomenal, and the trailer tells a story that creates excitement for the movie without giving too much away. It really looks like Zack Snyder has created an epic piece of filmmaking. While part of the movie appears to be a re-telling of Superman's origin, it's being done in a way that it's never been done before. So often superhero origins are glossed over in the movies, like it's just a scene to get out of the way. However, Snyder has really created a sense that the origin is an integral part of shaping the man that Superman becomes. While acknowledging the film is about a super-powered alien, Snyder effectively makes things real in the trailer. We really get a sense of how the young Clark Kent must feel struggling to grow up with his incredible powers. It's the heart and emotion that really elevates the Man of Steel trailer to being one of the best superhero movie trailers ever. Henry Cavill has given fans a new take on the Man of Steel. He isn't copying Christopher Reeve (who will always be remembered with fondness), but he is creating a legend of his own. The Man of Steel trailer has us believing that Zack Snyder has created a classic.