Man of Steel Trailers Pick Up Where Dark Knight Rises Left Off

Man of Steel Poster

Remember how, over the course of the last few months, The Dark Knight Rises inspired dozens of parody trailers, fan trailers and tribute trailers, many of which were actually pretty awesome? Well, get ready for the cycle to begin again; it's been less than  a week since Man of Steel debuted its first public footage, but fans on YouTube have already taken hold of the ball and run with it. This time out, one of the first is Conan O'Brien, who has been making fun of superhero movie trailers on his late night show Conan since at least Thor. This reporter actually owns a shirt that says, "Oh, it looks good!" as evidence of the fact. The trailer purportedly makes the slow, quiet trailers more impressive, and makes Superman himself a bit less in need of his parental supervision. "Is it us, or does the upcoming Man Of Steel seem a little full of itself?" the Conan website asks.

The fans are, of course, in on it as well. There are a ton of fan-made trailers up already, but none more popular than the one below, that uses the original John Williams score from the Richard Donner films. It was one of the most controversial parts of the new film when it was revealed that Dark Knight Rises composer Hans Zimmer would do the music for the movie, meaning that it'll be the first live-action interpretation of the character to operate without that iconic Williams score since 1978 (including 2005's Superman Returns and, if I remember correctly, even Smallville in the very end). Check it out: