Man Of Steel: What’s The Truth About Jenny Olsen?

Rebecca Buller, who played Jenny.

When SFX asked producer Deborah Snyder what the most bizarre rumor she had heard about Man Of Steel was, she specifically called out the rumor that suggested Jimmy Olsen was going to be a woman in Man Of Steel. Deborah Snyder said, "Or that, we have a character, an intern called Jenny, who was actually Jimmy Olsen! That we had replaced Jimmy Olsen with Jenny. She's just a character." From Deborah Snyder's answer, it would appear as if the whole Jenny Olsen rumor was just a wild fantasy concocted by bloggers with active imaginations.  However, there are a couple big problems with Deborah Snyder's answer. The official movie guide for Man Of Steel lists Rebecca Buller as playing Jenny Olsen. Now, it's always possible that the writers of the official movie guide were fooled by tricky bloggers or took their information from an inaccurate IMDB listing, but the official movie guide was put together in cooperation with Warner Bros. The official movie guide contained lots of unreleased information about the film, so there would have been no need for the writers to rely on bloggers or IMDB for their source. Plus, there's always this. At the Man Of Steel world premiere, asked Rebecca Buller


what the deal was with her character. Rebecca Buller said, "As I understand it, there was an evolution of what they wanted my character to be." Her answer certainly makes it sound like her character could have started out as Jenny Olsen before evolving into Jenny Jurwich. The big question is when in the production process did Rebecca Buller's identity change. Was it something that was only part of early scripts? Or could her character have changed in response to the media blowup about Jimmy Olsen's gender change? Since the movie was already filmed before the issue arose in the press, it would seem likely that it was something that changed fairly early on in the process.