Mark Millar Says Kingsman: The Secret Service Sequel Could Be Shooting By March

A good number of people weren't sure Oscar-winner Colin Firth (The King's Speech) could pull off action, but after walking out of Kingsman: The Secret Service the general consensus was that he stole the show. Thanks in part two thrilling action sequences: The bar fight and church battle royale. Sadly, gentleman spy Harry Hart didn't make it to the end of the film, but that hasn't stopped the Kingsman think-tank from dreaming up scenarios in which Firth could make his return.

"Well that's the conversation everyone is having right now," Mark Millar told IGN. "Because part of what made that movie work was Colin. Colin's fantastic! But you also want the integrity of the story, so if you are bringing him back it needs to make sense. That's where it is at the moment. Bits of the story have been done. Matthew [Vaughn] and Jane [Goldman] are working on it at the moment. Bits have been done, some things need to be worked out, some decisions are still to be made. It's all fairly amorphous, but all going well. We're hoping to be shooting in Easter."

Listen to Millar's comments in the video below.

A super-secret organization recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a dire global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. A phenomenal cast, including Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine, lead this action-packed spy-thriller directed by Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class).


A sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service is currently in development at 20th Century Fox.