Martian Manhunter Concept Sculpt Revealed For Justice League Mortal Movie


Earlier today, the first ever concept art for George Miller's abandoned Justice League Mortal movie was revealed online. The concept art showed Wonder Woman and Aquaman. It was revealed by the official twitter account for a documentary film project on Miller's Justice League Mortal.

Now, the first concept sculpt has been released for the film. The concept sculpt is of J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter.

The Miller's Justice League Mortal documentary hopes to feature never before seen artwork, interviews with some of the proposed cast and crew, and a behind the curtain look into what really happened to bring the blockbuster to its knees. The documentary plans to present a non-biased recount of the development, pre-production and untimely cancellation of the project as well as the long lasting effect it had on the Australian Film Industry.


The project is currently in development and hopes to begin filming later this year.