Marvel Hires Screenwriter Stephany Folsom To Work On Thor: Ragnarok


Stephany Folsom is the latest screenwriter to be hired by Marvel Studios to work on their third Thor solo film -- subtitled "Ragnarok" -- starring Chris Hemsworth (Ghostbusters), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The script was previously worked on by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle.

Folsom made a name for herself when her script for 1969: A Space Odyssey or How Kubrick Learned to Stop Worrying and Land on the Moon landed on the Black List in 2013. She also has a connection with Marvel's parent company, Disney, she was hired to write The Princess of North Sudan script for them.

Thor 3 pre-production in Australia will begin in January of 2016 and filming is set to begin in June of 2016.

Thor: Ragnarok will star Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/The Hulk). It'll be directed by What We Do In The Shadows' Taika Waititi, based on a script by Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle and Stephany Folsom.


Thor: Ragnarok will be released on November 3, 2017.