Matt Damon Has Heard Batman V. Superman Is Good

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

We know there's been a few screenings for Warner Bros. executives and the like, but somebody is talking about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Matt Damon, star of the Bourne Identity franchise and longtime friend to Batman actor Ben Affleck, was quizzed about the possibility of taking on a comics role, since he's a fan and Affleck was tied into the DC Universe now.

"I hear ["Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"] is good," Damon told Variety. "I haven't seen it yet but he's seen a rough cut and I think he's very pleased. But no, I don't know that there are any comic book characters left."

So, no upcoming comics role for Matt Damon -- sorry for all of you who made those Robin jokes in the early going -- but apparently Affleck is among those who has seen Batman V Superman, and he's pleased enough with it to be telling friends.


You can see for yourself on March 25.