Matthew McConaughey Would Do A Comic Book Movie If It Turns Him On

Alright, alright, alright.

Matthew McConaughey, the current it-guy in Hollywood after an Oscar and an Emmy nomination for two different roles last year, is open to the possibility of playing a superhero down the road -- but only if it's a role he can connect with on a personal level.

Speaking with IGN in support of The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, McConaughey said, "It's not an area that I'm saying I wouldn't like to go. I don't know -- it would have to be a script and a character that I find interesting and one that I say I can have a personal experience with. I'm not thinking about a genre -- I would really like to do this, or I wouldn't want to do that. Something finds me at the right time, turns me on, and if I can grab hold of it, see it from the inside, I can get a feeling that I can do this, that it would be original."

You can check out the video embedded below.


Interstellar opens Friday.