Michael Douglas Would Look Forward To More Marvel Movies, But Not Contracted For More

Michael Douglas isn't shrinking away from more Marvel movies.

Douglas, who plays scientist and Ant-Man creator Hank Pym in Marvel Studios' Ant-Man, recently said that he would do more films with the House of Ideas. But, Douglas has one condition for next Marvel outing. Ironically, he wants a larger stake —especially when it comes to the funny stuff. As he explained in a recent interview with Yahoo Movies, Douglas said that while Ant-Man's re-writes by Paul Rudd and Adam McKay made the film funnier, Pym's character was left out of the added humor.

"Paul and Adam (McKay's) re-write bought a lot more humour. I accused Paul of bringing a lot more humor to his character! Michael Pena can take care of himself," he said. "I on the other hand was left giving the exposition and the plot, which I was happy to do…"

But now that all of that icky exposition is out the way, Douglas is ready to take the training wheels off of Pym and see what his character can really do.

"Now that I understand a bit more about Hank Pym too. I think in this one I had to carry a lot of plot and exposition" he said. "In the next one I hope things get a little more bizarre… the Quantum Realm!"

The only snafu, however, is that Douglas isn't contractually obligated to do another Marvel movie. But hopefully, the stars will align in his (and our favor) for another Hank Pym adventure.

You can view the full interview below.


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