Michael Rooker Describes Guardians Of The Galaxy As Having Lovely, Beautiful Colors

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The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker recently talked to the Unrendered podcast about Guardians of the Galaxy. While he couldn't give away any spoilers about the film, he did offer up a description of the movie and talked about working with director James Gunn. As far as how his character Yondu will differ in the movie from the comics, Rooker said, "As you can see from some of the photos out there, I'm not in a loincloth. I don't have a major, major fin thing that goes down my back. We haven't visually gone with the way that Yondu was in the comics." However, Rooker will be blue, and the blue makeup and wardrobe took around six hours all total to put on. As far as what fans can expect from Guardians of the Galaxy, Rooker said, "Lovely, beautiful colors. What do you expect? It is a superhero movie. And I hope that you see it, and you're going to be going 'I'm going to see this again.' That's what I hope." Rooker added, "It was a beautiful shoot. James Gunn was an awesome, awesome director to work with again. I've worked with him before in the past, and it was great to get to do it again." When asked what attracted him to James Gunn as an artist, Rooker said, "It's what attracts him to me, not what attracts me to him. You've got the wrong question there. [Laughing] We get along well. We've been good friends since our first film." Rooker added, "He allows me to do my thing, and he has great comments. Very good director…when you're lost in the woods, he can direct you." Guardians of the Galaxy is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on August 1, 2014.